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In between, a cool drink or a coffee, also in the Schützengarten in the shade, in the cozy bistro Hofen.



It is  we managed to create a unique bistro at The simple concept offers different ambiences

from cafeteria - style - lounge - training to

Outdoor shelter garden.  

Visitors to our enjoy a break

to focus on shooting again. Walkers, bikers and friends of a cozy get-together are always welcome .

A special attraction is our EVENT HALL!

Pizzeria...they say we have the BEST pizzas

but also other specialties according to your wishes for your guests

always freshly made...

visitors with disabilities have effortless access to the Bistro Hofen, to the indoor shooting range and also to Hediger's weapons. Telephone 071 245 12 24

For company events, as a party location or for seminars, with aperitif and/or food. For free appointments and reservations, we would like to ask you to call us or send an email to

See you soon at Bistro Hofen - the meeting point in Wittenbach!

Also the best detour on the way home!

We are looking forward to your visit !

Team Hediger Waffen - indoor shooting Wittenbach and Bistro Hofen



Book your events with us

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