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Opening hours:  

Tuesday to Saturday 2:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m
Sunday 14:00-19:00

Bistro Hofen

The meeting point

Rent an event hall for events, parties, etc.

Cool drinks and snacks for the small appetite in Bistro Hofen, but also specialty freshly prepared according to your wishes

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.... about us

We have succeeded in creating a unique bistro at indoorshooting-wittenbach. The simple concept offers different ambiences from cafeteria - style - lounge - training to an outdoor rifle garden.

Visitors to our enjoy a break

to concentrate on shooting again. Walkers, bikers and friends of the cozy get-together are also always welcome.

Bistro & specialties as desired

Pizzeria ... they say we have the BEST pizzas.

Hot Pizza

Pizza - freshly made

Toast with ham and cheese


refreshing drinks

Event hall

A special attraction is our EVENT ROOM!

For company events, as a party location or for seminars, with aperitifs and / or meals. For free appointments and reservations we would like to ask you to contact us .

Visitors with a handicap can easily access the Bistro Hofen, the indoor shooting range and Hediger weapons using the lift. Phone 071 245 12 24


Bistro - Schützengarten

Bistro Hofen with garden restaurant Schützengarten. Company and group competitions with aperitif and / or dinner. As a party location with / without catering.

For free appointments and reservations, please call us: Tel. 071/245 12 24 or


- The police grenadier

- The coroner

- The gun collector

- The bodyguard

inform us directly from everyday life.

Thrills, enthusiasm, lectures, discussions and exchange of experiences only with us in the Bistro Hofen and indoorshooting-wittenbach.

Special offers

drink and talk

A cool drink or a glass of wine in a pleasant atmosphere.

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Various occasions that inspire EVERYONE. Unforgettable moments like the open end competition!

Empfang trinken

Contact us

For reservations in the restaurant or in the event hall, please contact us using the form or give us a call: +41 71 245 12 24


Bistro Hofen

Hediger Waffen

Industriestrasse 18,

Ch-9300 Wittenbach,


See you soon in the Bistro Hofen - the meeting point in Wittenbach!

The nicest detour on the way home!

We are looking forward to your visit !



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